Hello, I’m MORA

Physical Assets Stored and Distributed Digitally

What is MORA.Network?

Details of MORA will be released to the public soon. MORA is in development. She is gaining strength on a daily basis with the help of a few strong software engineers. MORA is here to bring blockchain back to its original intent and help shake up Silicon Valley. Let MORA spread the wealth to everyone…


MORA's Mission

MORA believes in providing the ability to track physical assets on blockchain. MORA is going to bring opportunity in a mass scale to everyone around the world.

MORA Protocol

MORA will introduce a hybrid model in time. Details of MORA’s protocol will be discussed in our upcoming release.



We are not thinking ICO. We are thinking assets. Stay tuned.


MORA is here to stay. MORA is here to help humanity. MORA will be different than just “any me too” blockchain or crypto related initiatives.


MORA will introduce a # of services owned and operated by people like you… stay tuned.


MORA is being put together by a team of developers, policy wonks and software engineers with more than 20 years of experience in software engineering, policy development and strategic initiatives.

World Population

Undernourished People

People died of hunger today

People with no access to safe drinking water source

All this, while a recent Oxfarm report said the following:

“Our estimates suggest that the lower half of the global population possesses barely 1% of global wealth, while the richest 10% of adults own 86% of all wealth, and the top 1% account for 46% of the total.”

Help Us Stop This Most Startling Global Wealth Inequality.

MORA certainly will.

Will You?

Become part of MORA and help change the world while improving the quality of your own life!┬áDon’t miss out!